10 Mistakes You Don’t  Want To Make

  1. Don’t assume that all Criminal Defense attorneys are equally qualified to handle your case. They’re not. In any field, experience is hard-earned.  It is no different with Criminal Defense.  Make sure you hire experienced attorneys who have built their reputations over decades and have a proven track record of success.
  2. Don’t talk to any Law Enforcement officer without talking to your attorney, first.  Law Enforcement officers are not required to tell you the truth, while investigating your case.  Never assume that “nice” law enforcement officers are on your side.
  3. Don’t assume that the District Attorney won’t aggressively prosecute your case.  They will.
  4. Don’t assume that if your case is dismissed, it will be automatically be taken off of your record. It won’t.
  5. Don’t hire a Criminal Defense attorney without trial experience and “hope” that your case will not go to trial. It may.
  6. Don’t wait to hire a Criminal Defense attorney. Valuable evidence/information/investigation may be lost.
  7. Don’t assume that if you speak with the media, your version of events will be accurately reported.
  8. Don’t conduct your “own” investigation or rely on well-meaning family or friends who think they understand your case better than a qualified Criminal Defense attorney.
  9. Don’t assume that things that you tell your family members, your doctor or your clergyman about your case are “privileged” information and not subject to discovery by Law Enforcement.
  10. Don’t hire the least expensive attorney when your reputation, freedom or  job is on the line.