Drugs remain a serious problem in the state of Texas and are treated as such in the court.

Thousands of drug crime convictions occur each year. There are many different drug-related charges that a person can face, and it’s important to know the differences between them in case you are ever forced to face one. The attorneys of Del Prado Law help many San Antonio defendants fight against drug-related charges, so they can avoid conviction and the harsh consequences that often accompany it.

9 Types of Charges

In the event of a drug crime conviction, the accused may face significant, life-altering penalties. Nine of the most serious and common drug-related charges in Texas include:

  1. Drug Possession
  2. Drug Sales
  3. Drug Manufacturing / Delivery
  4. Drug Trafficking / Distribution
  5. Drug Paraphernalia
  6. Marijuana Possession
  7. Cocaine Possession
  8. Methamphetamine Possession
  9. Heroin Possession

These charges vary in severity, and penalties can differ widely depending on the type of charge a person faces, what drug is involved, the criminal history of the defendant, and whether any harm resulted from the illegal actions. Any charge, however, can affect one’s reputation, career, or quality of life.

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