Sex crimes are taken extremely serious in the state of Texas, and can be punished harshly if a person is convicted.

There is a range of crimes classified under the broad umbrella of sex crimes, all of which can carry serious and possibly life-altering penalties. Unfortunately, as our lawyers at Del Prado Law know, many people in San Antonio who are charged with a sex crime do not know the distinctions between these various crimes and how these distinctions can impact the penalties they face if convicted.

Understanding the different types of sex crime charges is critical to having a better grasp on your charge and situation. Furthermore, having this knowledge, in addition to enlisting a skilled defense attorney, can help you build a better defense.

7 Forms of Sex Crime Charges

There are seven primary forms of sex crimes under Texas law. These sex crimes include the following:

  1. Indecency with a Child / Molestation Crimes
  2. Rape / Aggravated Sexual Assault
  3. Statutory Rape
  4. Sexual Assault of a Child
  5. Possession of Child Pornography
  6. Sex Offender Registration Violations
  7. Internet Sex Crimes / Attempted Sexual Assault

Depending on which of these sex crimes a person is convicted of, he or she might have to serve jail time, pay fines, register as a public sex offender, or face other life-changing consequences.

Call a Sex Crimes Defense Attorney in San Antonio

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