A criminal record showing an arrest, charge or conviction can be very damaging to a person’s future job prospects and personal reputation.

You may find it difficult to obtain new housing, take out a loan, or even get hired somewhere with a criminal record. Fortunately, in Texas you can permanently remove information from your criminal record in certain circumstances. This is referred to as expunction.

What Can Be Expunged?

Conviction for a crime can be overwhelming, but your life is by no means over. Certain charges can be removed from your criminal record permanently, including:

  • An arrest for an uncharged crime
  • A dismissed criminal charge
  • Certain juvenile offenses
  • Alcohol convictions for minors
  • Failure to attend school conviction
  • Arrest, charge, or conviction of something that occurred due to your identity being stolen
  • Conviction of a later acquitted trial
  • Conviction of a pardoned crime

The expunction process can be complicated, and you want to be absolutely sure you complete the necessary documents correctly so you are granted an expunction. The San Antonio legal team at Del Prado Law has a great deal of experiences dealing with expunction cases, and we may be able to help you.

Contact a San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney for Help

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