A conviction for assault and battery charges may have lifelong personal and professional consequences for a San Antonio resident.

With that in mind, it is critical that anyone charged with assault and battery retain experienced legal representation as early on in the process as possible. A good criminal defense attorney will help ensure that your rights are strictly protected throughout the legal process, all the while challenging each and every aspect of your arrest in an attempt to reduce or altogether eliminate the charges against you.

Legal Definition of Assault and Battery in Texas

Most generally stated, assault and battery offenses typically involve the intentional injury of another person. As defined in the Texas Penal Code, assault and battery is:

  • The intentional bodily harm of another person
  • Any intentional threat of bodily injury to another person
  • Any intentional physical contact with another person in such a way that that person will interpret the contact as offensive or provocative

The consequences of a conviction for assault and battery are serious and should be treated as such; it is highly advisable that you retain legal representation as quickly as possible.

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