Convictions of armed robbery carry with them the frightening personal and professional consequences of becoming a felon, in addition to possible jail time and hefty fines.

Since armed robbery is so aggressively prosecuted in San Antonio, individuals facing these allegations should retain experienced legal representation as early on in the process as possible. The San Antonio lawyers at Del Prado Law understand how to build a comprehensive defense against armed robbery charges and will fight to eliminate or mitigate the particular charges leveled against any individual.

The Determining Factors of Armed Robbery

While very similar to robbery, an act is determined to be armed robbery when it is committed with a weapon present. Armed robbery occurs when the following circumstances are met:

  • An individual must intend to maintain control of another person’s (victim’s) property without that person’s consent to do so; and
  • That person (victim) must be threatened with injury or actually injured during the incident; and
  • A gun, or any other weapon, must be present

An experienced San Antonio lawyer can help individuals charged with armed robbery understand what legal defenses they may use against their allegations. It is highly advisable that individuals charged with armed robbery retain legal representation as quickly as possible.

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