Assault is a serious class of criminal offense.

Even for relatively minor cases, an assault conviction can mean a permanent criminal record, which can impact everything from an individual’s ability to find a job to housing access, and penalties such as jail time or fines. In more serious circumstances, charges may result in lengthy prison sentences or even the death penalty.

At Del Prado Law, our San Antonio-based lawyers know how frightening such charges and their possible consequences can be. However, with the help of a San Antonio criminal law attorney who is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of anyone accused of such allegations, a person facing assault charges might be able to avoid severe penalties or conviction altogether.

Types of Assault Offenses

In order to protect your rights, consider enlisting a criminal law attorney’s support if you are facing any of the following offenses:

Assault charges can arise from a wide range of contexts, from robberies to domestic violence, but in any situation in which an individual has been accused, legal representation is essential to protecting the criminal suspect’s rights. Individuals who have been charged with any of these criminal acts need an experienced, aggressive legal representative on their side.

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