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Domestic violence is viewed as a serious problem in the United States. Del Prado Law specializes in Assault – Family Violence cases.

mario del prado and christine del prado

mario del prado and christine del prado
Law enforcement agencies tend to take allegations of domestic or family violence extremely seriously. Unfortunately, this has dramatically increased the likelihood that an individual who has been falsely accused of committing any act of domestic violence will be forced to contend with criminal penalties as a result.

Our lawyers at Del Prado Law know how frightening it can be for anyone in San Antonio to face a family violence charge, especially considering that a conviction could break you and your family up. A number of different crimes may be considered domestic violence, ranging from assault to sex crimes, but in any circumstances in which a person is arrested or charged with criminal activity arising from domestic violence, the representation of a skilled domestic violence lawyer is essential to the preservation of their rights and interests under the law.

Del Prado Law can help you challenge you Assault – Family Violence charge.

Domestic or Assault – Family Violence Charges

There are several offenses that fall under the umbrella of domestic violence, including:

  • Child Abuse
  • Assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Violations of Protective Orders
  • Domestic Abuse Allegations in Divorce Proceedings

Regardless of which charge you are facing, having the support and knowledge of a defense attorney throughout the process can be invaluable.

Talk to a Domestic Violence Lawyer in San Antonio

You need an attorney on your side to fight domestic violence charges.

If you have been accused of committing any act of domestic violence, you need an attorney on your side to help defend your name and rights. Talk with a family violence lawyer from Del Prado Law in San Antonio today about how we can help you build a strong defense by calling (210) 698-3533. We have helped numerous clients avoid conviction of serious offense and might be able to do the same for you.