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One of the most difficult consequences of a criminal conviction for many individuals is dealing with the criminal record that is created as a result.

christine del prado in courtroom

christine del prado in courtroom
Having a criminal record can make a wide variety of different aspects of an individual’s life, from employment and schooling to obtaining housing, much more complicated. As a result, many of those who have been convicted of crimes in the past find that expunction of their criminal record can have enormous benefits.

Expunction (or expungement) is a legal process that allows for certain individuals’ criminal records to be entirely erased, allowing them to get on with their lives without the specter of past mistakes hanging over everything they do. If you are interested in criminal record expungement in San Antonio or Bexar County, the dedicated team of legal professionals at Del Prado Law understands how important this issue can be, and we make it our mission to help all those looking to deal with their criminal records.

Expunction: What Can It Be Used For?

While not all criminal records are eligible for expunction under Texas law, there are a number of important records that may be eligible for this process, including:

  • Arrest records
  • Criminal convictions that were later pardoned
  • Dismissed criminal charges

Seeking criminal record expungement can alleviate not only the worry that a person has regarding their criminal record, but also make obtaining their goals in life much easier.

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