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  • “I had a very difficult case in Bexar county and I hired Mr. Del Prado, he is an amazing person, very very professional. I trusted him from day one, and put all my faith in him. He is an intelligent individual, and understands what you are going through. Trust him and his advice, and it will payoff. He is a must hire.”

    Bexar County
  • “Talking about Super Lawyers…the Del Prado team is the best. Everything that Christine predicted concerning my criminal case all came true. Her knowledge and understanding of how the court system works is second to none. Because of her professionalism and dedication, my case was dismissed allowing me to continue on with my life.”

    Super Lawyers
  • “When our daughter was charged with several felonies, we were completely in shock and overwhelmed with worry. After we met with and hired the Del Prados, our confidence in their abilities put us at ease, for the first time since she was arrested. Now, since all of her charges have been dismissed, we’re even happier that we chose the Del Prados!”

    Daughter’s Charges Dismissed
  • “The dismissal of the case was something we never dreamed would be possible and, although you said you aren’t ‘miracle workers’, that is exactly what you are to us. What you achieved for us is nothing less than a ‘miracle’ and we are just so grateful to you both.”

  • “Christine is the best criminal lawyer you can hire. She knows the law and your rights, and understands how to fight for what’s best. My daughter made some very grave mistakes, and almost ruined her life. Christine not only defended her but helped her to keep her self esteem and turn her life around, and got her a second chance. She changed the course of our lives. There aren’t many people these days that care more than just doing the job, but Christine honestly cares about the lives of her clients.”

    Christine is the Best
  • “Mario Del Prado saved my life. He and his firm represented me in a DWI charge and he successfully fought to have the charges dropped. All through the process he treated me like family. I have recommended Mario to friends and family for legal representation. My experience with Mr. Del Prado and his firm helped me put my life back together. Thank you again Mario!”

    Mario Save My Life
  • “I don’t usually write reviews but I think it is important when working with dedicated professionals. I was charged with assault, and it could have destroyed the rest of my life. I decided to hire the Del Prado Law Firm. I don’t need to explain how difficult my case was, but all I can say is that, having a dedicated and experienced team makes a world of difference. They are wonderful people.”

    Don’t Usually Write Reviews

From the first day that I met Christine I saw her professionalism and interest in my situation. Her dedication and hard worked prevailed in winning my case. She and her husband Mario, work very hard together to ensure success. I’m extremely happy with the outcome of my case. Super performance by Del Prado law firm.

I was charged with a misdemeanor assault. I was facing losing my job and getting a u.s citizenship when I came across Mrs Del Prado, from the beginning Mrs Del Prado made me feel welcome and answered all my questions and concerns. She always responded in a timely order. And She was very firm and very professional about her work she did. She definitely gets the work done. She was able to get my charges dismissed in less then two weeks. I highly recommend Mrs Del Prado if you find your self mixed up with criminal law. Thank you so much!

Having a dedicated and experienced team makes a world of difference.

I’ve hired Christine twice and I couldn’t be happier with the results. She was able in both cases to get things settled with extremely favorable results. In one instance she had my case dismissed during my first court appearance. I would definitely hire her again and I recommend her to everyone.

After I fired my previous attorney and hired the Del Prados, they completely turned the case around and ultimately got the DA to dismiss it. I had been facing life, in prison. You should hire these guys.

My name is [redacted], not proud to say I had several issues with the law in the past. From past felonies, and about 11 misdemeanors…sooo…when I hired the very best attorney was because I needed one!!! I was facing 1 felony charge and 2 class A misdemeanors…with my background. …. For sure jail if not prison..when I met Ms. Del Prado and her husband I new I was in the right place, they took the time to let me know everything…she had a plan for everything…she was extremely professional and her presence is felt in a court room…all the judges knew her..and other attorneys respect her. I WAS PROUD OF MY ATTORNEY…!!! Always kept me informed. remember. I can compare with other attorneys…she is incredible…she managed to DISMISS ALL CASES….HIGHLY RECOMMENDED…. By far the BEST..!!!

Mr. Del Prado kept my DWI probation from being revoked. Everyone knows that there are many intelligent and experienced lawyers to choose from. But when you have an attorney who is intelligent, experienced and who actually cares about his client’s well being, then you have a winning combination and will be well represented. I would, without hesitation, recommend, and more importantly, hire Mr. Del Prado again to represent me or someone in my family. Play it smart, if you need an attorney, hire Mr. Del Prado. He has your best interests at heart.

You have given me another chance and I’m not going to mess it up.

Best Criminal Defense Attorney firm in SA–bar none!!!

You will not find a better team in San Antonio. Christine and Mario are a dynamic duo!

Christine and Mario Saved My Life!

The Only Counsel I Will Ever Recommend

Ms. Del Prado has represented me in 2013 in the case of a DWI. She has been highly professional, knowledgeable, and personable in my experience. Always friendly, but straight to the point with no BS. Christine takes pride in her work and in her clients, and it certainly shows.

Mrs. Del Prado took the time to get all the details about my case in an empathetic manner. She saved me from a charge that would have followed me for the rest of my days, and changed my life dramatically. The hard work and unstoppable determination she has for getting her clients the best possible outcome shows. Throughout the whole time, I felt completely at ease knowing that she and her husband would do every single thing they possibly could do to get me the best outcome. The Del Prado firm got me the BEST possible outcome for my case, one that I could have only dreamt about! I owe my sincere gratitude to Mr. And Mrs. Del Prado.

If you do find yourself in a troublesome situation, I HIGHLY recommend getting in contact with them. If you are living in the San Antonio and sorrounding areas, and need legal representation, they are the best around.

Mario is an impecable, knowledgeable, trustworthy lawyer. I had full confidence in him with and thru the whole process.This lawyer is true power house, and a excellent lawyer to have on your side…

Now that my case is dismissed I feel like a human being, again!

I’m so glad that its over and the case was dismissed! We always felt that we were in good hands with the Del Prados!

Thank you so much for all that you and Mario have done for my husband. We’re so glad that we had you defending him!

As an officer at my bank, my job was on the line when I was charged with a crime. You guys saved my life!

Spectacular in the Courtroom

I was charged with a class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana. I had interviewed several criminal defense attorneys, but knew immediately upon meeting Mario and Christine Del Prado that their firm was the one to represent me. They made me feel like they genuinely cared and I knew I would be in great hands. They have excellent communication skills and were very clear in explaining all the potential outcomes from the best case to worst case scenarios. They kept me informed along the way and advised me on how to prepare for my court appearances. I was overjoyed on my last court date when the prosecutor said that the charges against me were going to be dismissed. Mario and Christine really “went to bat” for me. I can’t imagine a better attorney firm in San Antonio! Thank you so much Del Prado & Del Prado!!!

I am currently involved with Christine on my second case. I find her to be extremely professional, very competent and a great person. She has been successful in the past and I trust will be in our current case. Ihighly recommend Christine to anyone in need of an expert attorney.

The Del Prado firm got me the BEST possible outcome for my case.

If I had been convicted of the charges that I was facing, my military career would have been over. Thank you, Del Prados, for getting the case dismissed and saving my career!

You guys were the best! I still can’t believe that my felony DWI was dismissed!

I just want to thank you, again, for your efforts. I know you really worked hard for my husband. I have and will continue to recommend you to others.

First time ever going to court for a DWI. I was already taking a loss in my mind with no doubt that I would be hit with a fine. When I spoke with Mario and explained my situation and got some responses I knew from that point that something great will come out of it. Mario stayed committed and explained everything straight forward, letting me know everything during the process. The trust and care by this man made everything a less stressful and a more comfortable process. When everything was done my case was dissimissed. If you need a great attorney with great knowledge, trust, and experience Mario is the person you want by your side.

Mario and Christine Del Prado may very well be the best criminal defense attorneys the San Antonio area has to offer. The experience and resources these two posses are paramount to their success. I was facing indictment on two counts of sexual assault while on felony probation! This meant I could be incarcerated on the probation violation alone before serving time for the new charges, amounting to a possibility of 40 years of prison time. Christine and Mario met with me immediately and walked me through the best case scenario and worst case scenario. I was on the verge of losing everything I had worked so hard to obtain. I placed my trust in them and they did not disappoint. After several months of nail-biting and a few panic attacks that Christine talked me through over the phone, the charges were No Billed and I was able to breathe again. I may very well owe my freedom to these two today. I do not know what would have happened had I not hired the Del Prado’s, but I value my life and my freedom more then any amount of money to find out otherwise. I assure you they are the best at what they do and you will be pleased with what they can offer. I understand not every outcome is the same but you want the best representation you can get and the Del Prado’s are just that.

Christine is an excellent lawyer and a complete professional. I had full trust in Christine during the entire process. I appreciated the honesty with which she communicated with me. Her knowledge and intellect are evident immediately upon meeting her. The exact same can be said for Mario, her partner. The biggest compliment I can give this duo is I would’ve endorsed them regardless of my outcome because I was comfortable they did the best job possible. Needless to say they were spectacular in the courtroom and we won the case! – Extremely pleased client!

Thank you so much for taking care of my son and setting my mind at ease. I sincerely appreciate your hard work and help.

Hire her, you will not regret it.

When I received a summons to court for a domestic violence charge I scoured the San Antonio area for a good legal representative. After much review I met with Christine and I will never regret that decision for as long as I live. From day 1 Christine was a beacon of confidence and worked diligently to help me. Before even going to trial Christine was able to get the case dismissed. Shes knowledgeable, dependable and trustworthy. Id always heard horror stories of attorneys who pick up cases but turn their back on you as soon as you pay them. Not Ms. Del Prado. She helped me every step of the way. If I ever have a legal matter in the future I know exactly who to call and I would advise anyone in a similar situation to do the same.

Thank you, Christine & Mario, for giving me a second opportunity to be successful in life.

I was scared to death when I went to see Christine Del Prado. I needed help desperately. She listened to me and assured me that she would do everything in her power to rectify my charges. I was impressed with her prior record and knowledge of the justice system. She gave me hope in one of the lowest times of my life. I could not have asked for a better lawyer. She got my charges dropped just as she had predicted could possibly happen in the beginning. She went to bat for me immediately and fought for me every step of the way. I would use her again above all others. She is the best criminal lawyer in San Antonio.

Our son was sentenced to 8 years in Prison in Texas. We were very dissatisfied with the attorney that had represented him previously and were hoping to find an attorney that would represent him in a hearing for Shock Probation. Christine Del Prado did an outstanding job. She is extremely knowledgable and experienced. She is very strategic, but what impressed me the most was the effort that she put forth which resulted in a positive outcome. She outperformed all expectations…Hire her, you will not regret it. She drove to Smith Prison and met with our son for 3 hours. She stayed in touch with us in California, during the entire process. She put forth an extreme effort and really cares. Having her husband on the team is like getting 2 for 1. Great experience.

I was arrested on bogus charges in June of 2016. When the officer came to my house he was already mocking me for serving in the military in a branch that he did not respect and said that I was a loser who never saw combat. Needless to say, he arrested me and charged me with 'Communicating a Terroristic Threat/Family Member or Household Member'. This charge, a class 'A' misdemeanor falls under the domestic violence realm so I was nothing short of terrified that I was going to lose my right to own a gun or carry fire arms in my official duties. I could have been separated from the military if I was convicted and lost my right to vote among other things. I called all over San Antonio consulting with numerous lawyers and they all said the same thing, the county court that handles Domestic Violence is one of the hardest courts to win in and that it would take years to get the case finalized. The other answer I got was a guarantee they could get the case dismissed based on my story alone and not even seeing the police report.

I felt like this was crazy talk since they had no idea of what was documented in the report. Let me just say this, I was totally innocent of the alleged charges against me, however the officer was a good report writer. He made sure the report met the three criteria that are outlined it the Texas penal code under 22.07. Once I saw the report I thought I was going to get convicted even though I was innocent. I have never been arrested or in any kind of trouble with the law so I had no idea what to expect and in fear of losing my career that I have worked so hard for I was traumatized. I called Del-Prado law and spoke with Mario. In speaking with Mario, he spoke about 'integrity', and spoke about doing the 'right thing', and that he could not guarantee me anything and no lawyer should make guarantees to me.
My case was a long shot and I was doubtful as to how things would work out:

Upon first meeting Christine and Mario I was very confident in moving forward. They are detail and strategy oriented, provide guidance and feedback, and are caring and friendly people!

Christine is very well spoken, is available whenever you need her, and genuinely cares about her clients.

I felt very comfortable with him over the phone so I scheduled a meeting with him for the next day. He sat with me for over 2 hours and explained everything in the process from start to finish. He explained how the outcome could go in any direction, gave me recommendations on what to start doing, and explained how the courts works for Domestic Violence. At that point I was set on hiring him. Later that day, I talked to Christine and I got the exact same feeling over the phone. She talked about integrity and how they would not do anything to compromise me or their position. I came in to officially hire them the next day and Christine sat with me for over 2 hours again going over the process in every step of the way and explaining the outcomes. Her direction and explanations was totally in line with her husbands. I expressed to her how scared I was and what this conviction could do to me and she simply said “let us do our job.

Words cannot describe how much I appreciate what you have done, for me.

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