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The crimes of theft and robbery can vary enormously in terms of severity as under the umbrella of theft and robbery are a variety of more specific charges.


Minor forms of theft, such as shoplifting, may be treated with relative leniency, while other forms, such as armed robbery, can result in decades-long prison sentences. Regardless of the specific theft or robbery charge, however, the impact that conviction for this kind of crime can have on a person’s life can be significant and may permanently damage the individual’s reputation, employment prospects, and other aspects of their life.

In light of the serious consequences that conviction for the crimes of theft and robbery can have, our criminal defense lawyers at Del Prado Law believe that is essential that those in San Antonio who find themselves in this difficult position protect their rights and interests under the law by securing the services of a qualified legal representative. With a skilled professional’s help, a person might not only be able to have their charges reduced, but may even be able to get them dismissed.

Theft and Robbery Offenses

Due to the circumstances of the alleged crime, the exact type of crime a person is charged with will vary and may be one of the following:

The circumstances of the alleged crime that effect what a person is charged with include: whether a weapon was used, any harm was inflicted on others, and what was stolen. When facing one or more of these charges, a person needs someone whom they can rely on to provide them with the most aggressive and skilled defense possible.

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