Armed robbery charges are treated extremely seriously by San Antonio prosecutors and require aggressive legal defense.

Individuals convicted of armed robbery may face prison time and heavy fines, in addition to the serious professional and personal consequences of being a convicted felon. As such, allegations of armed robbery are particularly frightening. The sooner individuals charged with armed robbery retain a legal defense, the better chance they stand of clearing their name.

The San Antonio attorneys at Del Prado Law will aggressively defend individuals accused of armed robbery. We have the experience and resources to mount a strong armed robbery defense. Our lawyers can help you understand the charges leveled against you and how to best mount a legal defense of your case.

What Constitutes Armed Robbery

When the following criteria have been met, an act is considered armed robbery:

  • An individual must intend to maintain control of another person’s property without that person’s consent to do so; and
  • A threat of injury or actual injury to another person must have occurred during the incident; and
  • A gun, or any other weapon, must have been present

Armed robbery is a more serious offense than robbery, though it is very similar. It is the presence of a weapon that distinguishes armed robbery from robbery, which is a lesser charge. Since these charges are treated so seriously, it is critical that individuals charged with armed robbery seek legal representation as early in the legal process as possible.

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It is critical that anyone facing armed robbery charges seek legal council as quickly as possible.

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